Best Volleyball Shoe Brands

Best Volleyball Shoe Brands

Volleyball is an intense sport and requires precision, agility, lightning-fast movements, and decisions. Considering the nature and sports requirements, an adequate volleyball shoe pair is of paramount importance to overall performance on the court.

In this article, I will briefly discuss all the best volleyball shoe brands in terms of the advanced technology used by these shoe brands, popular models, and the reason for being famous for each brand.

What are the Best Volleyball Shoe Brands?

Globally, the 5 best volleyball shoe brands manufacture specialized shoes for this sport. These volleyball shoe brands include:-

  • Asics-Famous for ultimate comfort and a wide variety of shoes.
  • Mizuno- Known for its lightweight kicks with a full package of comfort.
  • Adidas- Popular for the high-performance shoes designed for agility.
  • Nike- Renowned for its stylish sneakers with a good number of options from basketball shoes.
  • Under Armour- The least popular among all the brands is Under Armour
  • Avoli- The Newcomer and women-specific volleyball footwear

Asics-The Ultimate Comfort

Founded in 1949 as a basketball shoe manufacturing company in Japan, Asics is one of the famous volleyball shoe brands.

This volleyball shoe brand offers a great variety of Best Volleyball shoes and is primarily known for its cushiony and comfortable footwear.

Why are Asics Volleyball Shoes Famous?

Asics volleyball shoes are famous for:-

  • A wide variety of options ranging from premier models to budget-friendly options
  • Being equally popular at basic and professional levels
  • Modern cushioning and outsole technologies like Gel, Flyte Foam, TWISTRUSS, and X Guidance.
  • Matchless traction and grip on the court.

Famous Asics Volleyball Shoe Models

Based on the price, features, and midsole technology, the Asics volleyball shoes can be categorized into premium, mid-range, and basic volleyball shoe models. Below is the table for a brief description of these models.

Technologies Used by Asics

The famous technologies used by the Asics in the crafting of volleyball shoes include Flyte Foam, Gel, and Twistruss.

Flyte Foam

ASICS’s FLYTEFOAM™ technology is a softer composition compared to previous EVA foams. Despite its lighter weight, FLYTEFOAM™ maintains the same level of cushioning and protection in footwear.

The technology has evolved since its introduction and has seen new developments in the form of:-

  • FF Blast™– Foam material with extra bounce,
  • FF Blast™ Turbo– lightweight FLYTEFOAM™ with a wide base, a carbon fiber plate for firmness, and a balanced rocker for an extra pop at higher speeds
  • FF Blast™ Plus- Even lighter than FF Blast™
  • FF Blast™ ECO Friendly– All the properties of FF Blast™ with the use of waste material

Gel Technology

According to Asics,

  • The Gel Technology was launched in 1986.
  • The idea was perceived from the use of silicon in machinery and appliances to reduce vibration. Later on, the silicon gel was introduced in the shoes for cushioning
  • ASICS uses the Gel at different spots in the shoes including the rearfoot and fore-foot.
  • The Gel technology is beneficial for increased shock absorption, better comfort by minimizing the impact, and improved stability

Twistruss Technology

  • The TWISTRUSS™ technology is based on scientific principles to enhance bending and twisting, minimizing power loss during foot movement.
  • It resists torsion with rigid integrity and rebounds energy, facilitating faster side-to-side motion.
  • The TWISTRUSS patch is used in the shank area of the shoe
  • This technology has the benefit of minimized loss of power, faster cutting speed, and larger reaction force on the ground


  • Japanese hitters Yugi Nishida and Masahiro Yanagida are sponsored players of Asics.
  • In 2023, ASICS struck a deal to provide volleyball shoes to New Zealand. Here is the statement of Steven Upfold, Interim CEO, of Volleyball New Zealand about the deal

Mizuno -The Featherweight

Mizuno is also a top-notch volleyball shoe brand. Originating in Japan in 1906, Mizuno nails it with comfy, and stable kicks. They are specifically known for their lightweight shoes. Interestingly, the durability of Mizuno shoes compared to their weight is quite surprising to me.

They use cool techs like Mizuno Wave, Enerzy Foam, and Wave plate for cushioning and Dynamotion Fit, for a snug fit that moves with your feet. Pros and casual players love them for their quality and injury prevention.

Why Are Mizuno Volleyball Shoes Famous?

Mizuno volleyball shoes are famous for:-

  • Lightest volleyball shoes
  • Suitable for wide feet
  • Sock-like appearance in most of the models
  • A variety of options ranging from basic to premium and budget to the most expensive

Famous Mizuno Volleyball Shoes Models

Mizuno Volleyball Shoes may be categorized into three main categories premium, mid-range, and basic/budget based on the technology used in crafting these shoes.

Technologies Used by Mizuno

Mizuno Enerzy Foam

This technology is primarily developed to improve performance by adding softness and rebound. This material is great because it stores energy and rebounds efficiently. According to the Mizuno claim, this is more softer and durable than the previous midsole materials used by the Mizuno.

Mizuno Wave Plate

According to Mizuno, this technology is an Anisotropy of waveform and was developed for flexibly distributing the load from impact, and absorbing the vertical force.

This has the benefit of adding stability and leads to your next motion. Moreover, performs strong stiffness for lateral motions and keeps the stability


  • Brie King and Lucas VanBerkel has collaboration with Mizuno as volleyball ambasador
  • Although not confirmed about sponsorship, Erik Shoji and David Smith of the USA wear Mizuno Volleyball Shoes
  • Mizuno had a partnership deal with USA Volleyball till 2028. According to the statement of Jamie Davis, President and CEO of USA Volleyball

Adidas– The Popular Kicks

Compared to the Mizuuno and Asics Adidas is a less evolved volleyball shoe brand. However, it offers a great variety of running shoes and a good variety of basketball footwear.

Adidas uses two popular technologies to construct the midsole of volleyball shoes. These midsoles include the boost foam and bounce foam technology

Why are Adidas shoes famous?

  • Beautiful Design
  • Allrounder shoe performance
  • Bounce foam technology in the construction of midsole
  • Adequate price range
  • Variety of options from Basketball shoe variants

Famous Adidas Volleyball Shoes Models

Midsole Technologies

Adidas uses two technologies i.e. boost foam and bounce foam for crafting the midsole of its shoes. The comprehensive available detail of technology is as follows.

Boost Foam Technology

  • Boost foam is the expanded bubbles of thermo polyurethane. These bubbles are expanded and the air is injected turning them into airpods. As per Adidas claim this particular boost midsole foam gives you better energy absorption, energy return, and temperature stabilization.
  • The boost foam shoes are good for energy absorption due to the volume of the air pods. They’re good for dispersing energy and dispersing weight. However, when it comes to energy return the shoes with boost foam are a little short.
  • Ideally, when the air bubbles compress they expand back up again but typically in practice what ends up happening is those air bubbles compress and they slowly begin to expand again.
  • However, when it comes to performance air bubbles just can’t expand fast enough to give you that explosive movement that boosts claims.

Bounce Foam Technology

  • The bounce foam is made of EVA which is short for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. Eva is moldable and if you press into it hard enough it’ll deform in a state of form.
  • In the bounce technology, EVA is injected with more elastic particles to give this midsole foam accommodation, a nice type of fit, bounce, and elasticity.

Boost Foam vs Adidas Bounce

  • The bounce foam midsole made of EVA will eventually wear out and lose its resilience over time. It won’t be as durable as the boost foam in resisting wear.
  • The boost foam is made of more durable plastics whereas the bounce foam is made of that less durable EVA.
  • However, when both of the shoes are brand new right out of the box the bounce foam will perform a lot better than the boost foam.
  • More speedy start, more edge while cutting, and side-to-side movement due to EVA foam and due to the elasticity that EVA foam gives of the first step


  • French spiker Earvin N’Gapeth
  • In Aug 2023 Adidas signed a Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deal with Lexi Rodriguez–signs-star-volleyball-play/s/256b491b-2823-41ca-93ec-2cf20edadae2

Nike– The Stylish

An American footwear giant that is unique for its sponsorships to the top Athletes around the world. Nike has a highly recognized trademark i.e. “Just Do It” and logo “Swoosh”.

Like Adidas Nike is also a less-developed volleyball shoe brand. For instance, Nike has 5 ranges of basketball shoes including KDs, PGs, Kyrie, Lebron, and Kobe and each offers a variety of options. Like Nike PG is currently offering a PG-6 variant, Lebron is currently at the 21st variant.

The reason for being less developed is the lack of special focus of Nike towards volleyball. Moreover, it can also be due to the allrounder nature of Nike basketball shoes with volleyball.

Why are Nike shoes famous?

  • Colourful and stylish
  • Advance cushioning technology
  • Adequate price range
  • Variety of options from Basketball shoe variants

Famous Nike Volleyball Shoes Models

Nike offers a great variety of volleyball shoes. Considering the USA as a standard, these sneakers can be considered one of the most popular and best volleyball shoe brands.

Some of the most popular Nike shoes including volleyball-specific and basketball shoes are listed below:-

Cushioning Technology

Zoom Air

  • Zoom Air technology is based on plain air. It is thinner in design with compressed air in a urethane pouch. The walls of the pouch are pliable and flexible.
  • The technology in Zoom Air comes in the tiny tensile fibers which along with the compressed air exert an outward force so when you compress the Zoom unit the fibers and air push back quickly and with a decent amount of force.
  • Zoom air can be made into different shapes you can use them for a lot of different foot types and shoe styles
  • The problem with it is its low profile can end up bottoming out on you or even burst and it is not suitable for heavier guys

React Foam

  • React foam is made from Eva and Expanded Thermo polyurethane (ETPU) what that means is you’re getting an actual true lightweight EVA foam mixed with a plastic-based midsole shoe foam.
  • It gives you the moldability and kind of Nike React foam performance characteristics the airiness lightness comfort of Eva but with the performance a little more bounce of Etpu.
  • Nike claims that react foam is going to be 11% softer and give you 13% more energy returns. The main reason for this may be the lightweight EVA which gives more energy return because it has more elastic particles built in and kind of synergized with the Eva.
  • Eva is known to bottom out quickly and once they compress they kind of stay compressed whereas Etpu that’s expanded Thermo polyurethane more plastic when the cells compress they spring back to life so combining the two foams does give you the best of both worlds


Nike is famous for its sponsorship of top athletes around the globe.

Junior Volleyball Association

Under Armour-Also Good

As far as the shoe variants and models are concerned, Under Armour is one of the least-developed volleyball shoe brands among the top 05. The famous models of the under armor currently in the market are

  • Under Armour Women’s Highlight Ace 2.0 with good ankle support
  • Under Armour Women’s HOVR Block City

Avoli-The New Commer

Avoli is a new volleyball shoe brand in the market. The prime focus of Avoli is manufacturing women-specific volleyball shoes. However, there is a possibility of entry into men’s footwear in the future.

The brand was launched in July 2023 and became the first and the only volleyball shoe brand for women volleyball players. As per the manufacturer, there is a gap in the availability of volleyball-specific shoes to the kids as half of the kids wear basketball shoes for playing volleyball.

According to the executives of the company, their daughters play volleyball at high school and club levels. They have observed the unavailability of women-specific volleyball shoes.


Since the launch of the brand, the footwear manufacturer has signed name, image and likeness (NIL) deals with the following athletes.

  • Harper Murray- a women’s volleyball player from Nebraska
  • Reilly Heinrich from Texas
  • Virginia’s Ashley Le 

Final Thoughts

Globally there are 05 volleyball shoe brands including Asics, Mizuno, Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour.
Asics and Mizuno are the two top volleyball shoe brands. Nike and Adidas are more focused on Basketball shoes and the range in the volleyball is less compared to the other brands.
As regards Under Armor, it is the least-developed volleyball shoe brand in terms of options and models.
The volleyball shoe market is evolving with the passage of time and more brands are likely to enter the competition. .

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best brands of volleyball shoes?

Some popular brands among volleyball players include ASICS, Mizuno, and Nike, known for their quality, durability, and performance in volleyball-specific footwear.

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