Best Volleyball Shoes For Liberos

10 Best Volleyball shoes for Liberos

As a former volleyball professional, I have a one-sentence tip to choose the best volleyball shoes for libero: traction, responsiveness, and lateral containment.

These three elements are the cornerstones of any best volleyball shoes for liberos and also serve as a buying guide which I have given at the end.

If you’re still unable to decide on the best volleyball shoes for liberos, then here is my list for both men and women. Importantly, I have prepared this list on the basis of availability, popularity, and suitability for men and women.

ShoesCategoryPlaying Level
Adidas Crazy FlightOverall Best Volleyball Shoes for Liberos Men & WomenAll
Asics Sky Elite FF 2Overall Best Volleyball Shoes for Liberos Men & WomenAll
Adidas Stabil Next GenBest Volleyball Shoes for Liberos Men All
Adidas DON Issue 03Best Volleyball Shoes for Liberos Men All
Asics Netburner Ballistic FF 3Best Volleyball Shoes for Liberos Men All
Adidas Crazy Flight Bounce 03Best Volleyball Shoes for Liberos WomenAll
Mizuno Wave Luminous 2Best Volleyball Shoes for Liberos WomenAll
Asics Gel Rocket 10   Most PopularSchool, College, & Club
Asics Upcourt 5   Most PopularSchool, College, & Club

Overall Best Volleyball Shoes for Liberos

Adidas Crazy Flight

Adidas Crazy Flight is among the most popular and all-rounder volleyball shoes available in the market.

Basically, these are the hitters’ shoes due to the bounce technology which makes them fit for jumping and smooth landings.

editor’s choice
Nike Zoom Hyperace 02, Best Volleyball Shoes 4th Position

Adidas Crazyflight

A good combination of comfort, traction, ground feel, and stability.

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These shoes are equally popular at all playing levels including club, national, and professional levels. As regards, the professional players, Poland libero Zatroski wears these shoes. Moreover, many women volleyball players extensively use these shoes on the court.


  • The Crazy Flight sneakers have a modern and stylish design.
  • They feature smooth lines, a see-through look, and cool angles.
  • The upper of the shoes is made of breathable mesh material.
  • Synthetic leather construction of toe cap for protection against abrasion
  • Rubber outsole for enhanced traction on the court


  • The shoe’s traction is above average, working well on clean and slightly dusty floors.
  • However, on gym floors with excessive dust, it can struggle, making quick changes of direction challenging.
  • Despite its thin and light build, the Crazy Flight excels in shock absorption during landings and hard stop-and-go movements.
  • I experienced minimal impact on my joints, which was unexpected.
  • The Crazy Flight is incredibly light and stable.
  • It provided a balanced and ready-to-move feeling in any defensive direction. Surprisingly, though the shoe didn’t enhance my jumping, it felt very springy during defensive plays.

Positive Points

  • Best for outdoor
  • Low to the ground
  • Traction
  • Lateral support

Negative Points

  • Bit loose in ankle areas, you need to tie it tightly

Bottom Line

Crazy Flight shoe is a solid choice for volleyball, offering ample support for various volleyball movements and suitable for those focused on floor movements.
if you’re after excellent cushioning, responsiveness in floor movements, a looser fit, and a lightweight design, then the Crazy Flight could be a great fit for you.
Considering their durability and performance I’ll recommend these for all playing levels including club, national, and professional

Asics Sky Elite FF-2

If you’r searching for the best traction, lateral support, and soft inner sole, then you need not move further except Sky Elite.

Asics has made this masterpiece for all volleyball players regardless of their position. Therefore, this is a popular volleyball shoe in professional circles. I have seen US Libero Erik Shogi wearing these shoes. Moreover, the Japan national volleyball team also wears these shoes.

Best Volleyball SHoe for LIBEROS
Asics Sky Elite FF MT-2 Best Volleyball Shoes

ASICS Sky Elite FF MT-2

The best option for liberos in terms of traction, lateral support, and comfort.

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After testing and practicing in these shoes, I have rated them as all-rounder volleyball shoes. You may read the detailed review of this kick in my article on the best volleyball shoes for hitters. However, I would give the crux of my review about this masterpiece.

  • Sky Elite fulfills all the criteria of the best volleyball shoes for libero. It has excellent traction, lateral support, and responsiveness. It is the stickiest shoe I have tested from different brands like Asics, Adidas, Mizuno, and Nike.
  • Additionally, it also has an excellent design that offers incredible cushioning, heel-to-toe transition, shock absorption, and ankle support.

Positive Points

  • Excellent traction
  • Responsiveness
  • Lateral support
  • Good for wide feet

Negative Points

  • Costly
  • High off the ground

Bottom Line

If you want excellent traction, responsiveness in floor movements, a snug fit, and a lightweight option, then the Sky Elite are perfect choice for you.
If you are affording then these are the best volleyball shoes for liberos at all playing levels.

Best Volleyball Shoes for Liberos Men

Adidas Stabil Next Gen

Best Volleyball Shoes for Liberos Men

Adidas Stabil Next Generation Best Volleyball Shoes

Adidas Stabil Next Generation

Available in a range of colors with stylish looks. Excellent support for lateral movements and ideal choice for liberos who need to stay low to the ground.

Buy Now

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  • First of all, the looks, Adidas Stabil is one of the coolest-looking volleyball shoes.
  • They’ve got that wow factor. Keeping the performance aside, I’d consider buying them just for how they look.
  • The design is simple yet dynamic. The shoe has a one-piece construction of the tongue and upper, made from flexible mesh fabric.
  • The one-piece design gives you a smooth, sock-like feel, making your movements comfortable in all directions.
  • The heel is supported with reinforced plastic and extra cushioning. Plus, it’s got great arch support, especially with the Boost material. This makes these shoes super responsive, and perfect for quick direction changes.


  • After using these shoes on the gym floor I observed them better in terms of traction.
  • I literally felt grounded in these shoes and I think it perfectly aligns with the “stable” name.
  • Ankle support is also good even if you land a bit awkwardly, these shoes keep you steady. Ideal for the libero position as it involves sudden stops and changes in direction.
  • Highly responsive shoe, perfect for quick changes in direction. It excels in abrupt stops and changes in movement, making it ideal for sports that involve frequent multi-directional ground movements.
  • However, as per my experience, these shoes are not best for the wide feet. Hence, you should be a narrow-feet athlete if you want to enjoy this pair.
  • Jumping in these shoes is also excellent as far as liberos are concerned.

In a nutshell, if you need to make lightning-fast moves in all directions with your narrow feet, and looking for the best volleyball shoes for libero, then Adidas Stabil can end your search.

Positive Points

  • Optimum traction
  • Responsive to direction change
  • Good lateral support
  • Low to the ground

Negative Points

  • Not for wide feet

Bottom Line

The Adidas Stable Next Generation shoe stands out as an exceptionally responsive option with solid ankle support. It is a great choice for athletes who require frequent multi-directional ground movements, such as liberos or setters.
These positions demand quick reactions and changes in direction, and this shoe excels in providing the necessary support and responsiveness.

Adidas DON Issue 03

DON issue 03 are basketball shoes and were designed for adults who are fans of Donovan Mitchell.

Best Volleyball Shoes for Liberos Men
Adidas DON Issue 3 Basket Ball Shoes for Volleyball

Adidas DON Issue 03

Basketball shoes with all of the key qualities of the best libero volleyball shoes.

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  • These sneakers are made entirely from synthetic textiles to ensure lightweight and flexibility.
  • Like every court shoe, the outsole is made of rubber for good grip.
  • They come in a regular fit, have traditional tongues are secured with laces.
  • There is a stretchy Gore strap above the laces for added comfort and support.
  • Adidas has used light strike technology in the construction of the midsole to make the shoes super-light and perfect for quick and agile movements on the court.
  • The sole is on the thinner side compared to typical basketball shoes.


  • The shoe’s overall material is both thick and soft, ensuring a comfortable experience, especially for those who appreciate a bit of padding.
  • The shoe’s traction is impressive, even on dusty floors, offering responsiveness when changing direction.
  • The thinner was good for keeping me closer to the ground, enhanced agility, and facilitated quick, multi-directional movements.
  • Despite being snug, the DON Issue 03 was comfy for wider feet. It effectively secured my feet during movement.
  • The sole feels somewhat rigid, which was beneficial for movements like defensive plays
  • The Don Issue Number Three boasts solid heel and ankle support, providing a secure feeling throughout your movements.

Positive Points

  • Good traction
  • Comfortable and Snug
  • Good lateral support
  • Low to the ground
  • Budget-friendly

Negative Points

  • May not suit those, who prefer ample room for their feet

Bottom Line

In conclusion, I found the Adidas Don Issue 03 an enjoyable shoe to wear. I personally liked the snug fit, especially due to the soft material, and felt adequately supported, because of the heel and band. This shoe offers a fitted feel from top to bottom, which may not suit those who prefer ample room for their feet to move and toes to spread.

Asics Netburner Ballistic FF 3

Netburner Ballistic FF3 is the upgraded version of its Netburner Ballistic FF2. This time the focus of the ASICS is speed and explosiveness.

Best Volleyball Shoes for Liberos Men
Asics Netburner Ballistic FF 3 Volleyball Shoes

Asics Netburner Ballistic FF MT 3

High heel drop, explosiveness, and traction are the key qualities of this awesome kick.

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  • PU covering mesh for protection, breathability, and support.
  • They come with a unique lace-up design that extends all the way up to ensure a secure fit.
  • The shoes utilize well-known Arthur glue in the rearfoot and Flyte foam in the midsole.
  • The combination of Flytefoam technology and Arthur glue results in a lightweight and durable solution. Additionally, this combination provides excellent cushioning, shock absorption, and responsiveness.
  • TWISTRUSS technology for enhancing agility and the ability to make rapid cuts and movements.
  • The upgraded rubber outsole from the previous version features a large X pattern on the sole for improved grip.


After trying these shoes out there on the court I have the following observations:-

  • There was sufficient padding in the collar and tongue areas, which was a comfortable and snug fit for my foot.
  • The traction of the shoe is also impressive
  • Higher heel drop, which made the sprint and sudden movements easier by providing a good push.
  • Typically, our heel and toe heights are about the same, but when the heel is raised, it shifts the center of gravity slightly forward because the front toes are relatively lower. This forward-leaning center of gravity makes it easier to sprint and accelerate.

Positive Points

  • A perfect pair for men’s liberos
  • High Heel drop
  • Explosiveness
  • Good lateral support

Negative Points

  • Not good for wide feet

Bottom Line

Netburner FF3 is a good addition in terms of speed and explosiveness. I will recommend these sneakers for all playing levels including college, club, and professional.

Best Volleyball Shoes for Liberos Women

Adidas Crazy Flight Bounce X 3

Adidas Bunce 03 is an upgraded version of Adidas Bounce 2 with a few amendments in the shoe upper. It is also a popular Adidas volleyball shoes

Best Volleyball Shoes for Liberos Women
Adidas Crazyflight Bounce 03 Volleyball Shoes

Adidas Crazy Flight Bounce X 3

Flexibility, comfort, traction, and ground feeling are the key characteristics.

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Feature & Design

  • Traditional tongue and adequate length of lace-up
  • Upgraded version of Crazyflight Bounce 2.
  • Breathable upper mesh material for improved ventilation than the bunce 02 which featured a relatively tight mesh material.     
  • To enhance durability, the upper material is reinforced with leather stripes in areas prone to stress, such as the toe section. 
  • The sole construction of the Bounce 3 remains consistent with its predecessor.
  • BOUNCE cushioning to offer sufficient comfort.
  • The outsole design features an asymmetrical sole structure in the forefoot for enhanced flexibility and grip in all directions.


  • I don’t really have to break these sneakers break-in
  • Traction was adequate both on the gym and dusty floors
  • Good for wider feet
  • Thin sole kept me close to the court. Moreover, it was responsive and facilitated quick lateral movements during defense.
  • The heel of the shoe features a noticeable raise, and the inner lining structure is particularly noteworthy.
  • When putting on the shoe, the inner lining felt smooth.

Positive Points

  • A perfect pair for women
  • Adequately thick for a libero
  • Good for wide feet
  • Good lateral support

Negative Points

  • Nothing special

Bottom Line

Recommended for all playing levels including college, club, and professional

Mizuno Wave Luminous 02

Best Volleyball Shoes for Liberos Women
Mizuno Wave Luminous 02 Volleyball Shoes

Mizuno Wave Luminous 02

A masterpiece from Mizuno, equipped with the latest cushioning and traction technology. A budget-friendly option for women liberos

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  • The materials used are excellent. The quality is top-notch, with a rubberized sole and a fabric upper.
  • EVA midsole and Mizuno Enerzy foam
  • The outsole with circular patterns for traction.
  • Dura shield for toe protection
  • Sock-like shoe construction, with adequate padding in the collar area like premium Mizuno sneakers
  • Inside the shoe, you’ll find neoprene, which is also a fantastic material.


  • The grip on these sneakers is exceptional. Mizuno has outdone itself here, with a sole that provides excellent traction.
  • The comfort level of this sneaker is surprisingly high. The anatomical insole offers great comfort, and you’ll feel it the moment you step into these.
  • The cushioning is solid, especially when jumping and landing. It absorbs impact well, and it’s one of the highlights of this shoe. It’s a priority for me when choosing tennis shoes, and this sneaker delivers.
  • It’s a wide-fitting sneaker, which is great for those with wider or longer feet. It doesn’t constrict the sides at all. However, consider going half a size up, especially if you wear thicker socks during play.

Bottom Line

Mizuno Wave Luminous 2 is a solid choice for volleyball players. It delivers in various aspects and offers good value for its price. So, if you’re a fan of Mizuno or looking for a reliable volleyball shoe, this one is worth considering.
Recommend for all playing levels including college, club, and professional

Budget Options for Liberos

I regard these shoes as all-rounder volleyball shoes. These shoes can be worn by all volleyball players regardless of their position. I have written a detailed review of both shoes in Best Volleyball Shoes for Hitters, where you may read the review in detail.

Asics Gel Rocket 10

Popular Volleyball shoes
Asics Gel Rocket 10 Volleyball Shoes

ASICS Gel Rocket-10

A popular, budget-friendly shoe, with all the shoe qualities for a volleyball libero.

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Asics Upcourt 5

Popular volleyball shoes
Asics Upcourt 05 Volleyball Shoes

Asics Upcourt-05

A lightweight, popular, very budget-friendly shoe, with adequate traction, and stability.

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What are The Shoe Requirements for a Liberos

Libero is a back-row position on the volleyball court. They are primarily responsible for passing and digging which have nothing to do with the spiking or hitting.

Therefore, the key shoe requirements of this position are flexibility, traction, and a relatively thin sole rather than a cushiony and heavy soles.

I’ll break down the shoe requirements for the liberos in two segments first is the specific requirement for the liberos and second is the general requirements

Specific Requirements

Excellent Traction

Traction is critical for Libero as he has to do digs, dives, sudden stops, starts, and lateral movements. A shoe with a decent grippy outsole is the utmost for this player.


Shoes should be flexible enough to allow natural foot movement and quick adjustments on the court.

Lateral Support

Lateral support is also an important requirement, it prevents the foot from rolling or twisting within the shoe and ultimately protects ankle injury.

General Requirements


Volleyball can be physically demanding, so breathability is essential. Shoes with mesh or breathable materials help keep the feet cool and comfortable during long matches.


Liberos are constantly on the move, so shoes should be durable enough to withstand frequent lateral movements and quick changes in direction without wearing out quickly.

Low to the Ground

This may vary from player to player few players prefer low-profile shoes to keep them closer to the ground. This aids in stability and quick changes in direction. Moreover, it also helps them keep their balance and avoid injuries like ankle twisting.

Ankle Support:

Many liberos prefer shoes with lower ankle collars for a better range of motion. However, some ankle support is still necessary to prevent injuries, so look for a balance between support and mobility.

Fit and Comfort:

Proper fit is crucial to prevent blisters and discomfort during play. Liberos should ensure their shoes fit snugly but not too tight. Some prefer a wider toe box for comfort during long matches.

Lightweight Design:

Liberos need shoes that are lightweight and easy to move in. Lighter shoes allow for quick reactions and agility on the court.

Arch Support

Shoes with decent arch support can help reduce the risk of foot pain and provide stability during sudden movements.

Toe Protection

Liberos often dive to save balls, so some toe protection, like reinforced material or rubber toe caps, can help prevent toe injuries.

What is not required?


While liberos don’t need as much cushioning as hitters, a moderate level of cushioning in the midsole can help absorb impact during jumps and dives.

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