Volleyball Hitting Percentage Calculator

Volleyball hitting percentage calculator

The volleyball hitting percentage calculator is used to measure the attack efficiency of a volleyball player. This indicates how effective a player is at scoring points through their attacks. The following equation is used to calculate the Volleyball Hitting Percentage.

H𝑃=       Kills-Error/ Attack x 100

Volleyball Hitting Percentage Calculator

Volleyball Hitting Percentage Calculator

How to use the Volleyball Hitting Percentage Calculator?

Although self-explanatory, I think it is necessary to provide players and coaches with the necessary guidelines for using a volleyball hitting percentage calculator. Here is a step-wise guide: –

Step 1: Enter Player Info

This tab is aimed to identify the player whose hitting percentage is being calculated. It is beneficial if you want to calculate the hitting percentage of multiple players at a time.

Step 2: Give the Input Statistics

  • Number of Kills: Enter the total no. of successful kills made by the player during the game.
  • Number of Errors: Input the total no. of errors or mistakes committed by the player in their attacks.
  • Total Attack Attempts: Specify the total no. of attempts made by the player to attack the ball, including both successful kills and errors.

Step-3 Calculate the Hitting Percentage

Click the “Calculate” button to compute the hitting percentage based on the entered statistics. The hitting percentage shows the player’s efficiency in making successful attacks compared to their total attempts.

Step-4 Review Results

After calculation, the hitting percentage along with other relevant statistics such as kill percentage and error percentage will be displayed in the result section. Review these metrics to evaluate the player’s offensive performance.

Step-5: Reset

If needed, use the “Reset” button to clear all fields and start fresh with a new data entry.

View History

The history section displays a comparison table of various players’ statistics, including their names, kills, errors, attempts, kill percentage, hitting percentage, and error percentage. This allows for easy comparison and analysis of different players’ performances over time.

By following these guidelines, users can effectively utilize the Volleyball Hitting Percentage Calculator to assess player performance and make informed decisions to improve gameplay.


  • Ensure all fields are filled correctly with accurate data.
  • Dont add negative values
  • The sum of kills and errors should not exceed the total number of attempts.
  • If any errors occur during input, appropriate error messages will be displayed to guide you.

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